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Borned in Paris, Joëlle Sportès started an impressionist painter career as a teenager. She spends all her time in art museums, where she is fascinated by the old masters. This early passion slowly becomes a lasting vocation, which will survive the dullness of rather conventional studies. With tenacity, she learns the various techniques all by herself, studies each movement and style in order to appropriate its spirit.

Influenced by Claude Monet's work, she adapts his sense of color to her taste for figuration. She turns away from a technical view of things to privilege a subjective world of sensations, emotions, and changing atmospheres.

With Plan Vert Company, she started to create educational games about recycling and environment, a young and old concept. Become cultivated by playing, this is Joëlle Sportès's concept and purpose and why she founded Plan Vert Association .

With the books les Tutritou's she hope to raise the awareness of youngs about waste problems in the world. In the city, to the beach, in the mountain, wastes are flooding us. With the books “Tutritous” - children book series - she imagined happy personages represented by recycling wastes trying to send out a message in favor of recycling and sustainable.

The year 2012, tri-centenary's birthday of the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, she felt in love about his fascinating life and created several new educational games you can discover on this website about him.
Year 2014-1015, bi-centenary 's birthday of Geneva's confederation accession, she imagined and realized a giant snake and ladder game which tell about 17 years of Geneva's history (1798-1815).
Mostly, she continues her childhood passion, painting and drawing. Year 2014 is a turning point of her career, by discovering pastel using for her paintings. We invite you to discover her first pastel draws .
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
Passionate about the trees, discover the books of Joëlle Sportès on trees with

So be my tree and Which tree are you ?

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The Tree beckons me to the Salon du livre d'artiste in Lucinges.

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