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Born in Paris, Joëlle Sportès went to museums from her adolescence and allowed herself to be won over by the magic of master paintings. With tenacity and passion, she is introduced to various techniques, studying each movement and each style to appropriate the spirit. She puts this rigorous learning at the service of a sensitivity all the more personal as her self-taught career keeps her away from art schools and thus finds the time to develop a singular artistic personality strongly marked by the work of Claude Monet.


Along with her career as a painter, she designs educational games related to the environment with the creation of the Plan Vert Association.

In order to make the youngest aware of the problems of waste. she imagines a series of funny little stories with the Tutritou's whose unusual illustrations are based on collages.


The year 2012, tercentenary of the birth of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, she is passionate about the life of this great philosopher and designs a range of educational games to be discovered on the site www.jeanjacques where she reveals her paths and Rousseauian anecdotes.


The year 2014/2015, bicentenary of the entry of Geneva into the Confederation , she developed a giant goose game which retraces 17 years of Geneva history from 1798 to 1815. It is with interest and amusement that the little Genevans discover the past of their city and canton. Successful bet !


Concerned about the environment, passionate about history, of course, but art is always present in her career. The year 2014 will be the discovery of pastel with an exhibition at the Arboretum d'Aubonne. Then, it will be the ink technique that will allow him to participate in the Salon du livre d'artiste in Lucinges at the Manoir des livres Michel Butor.


Passionate about trees , she is the author of 3 books and devotes herself to Land Art with children!

- So be my tree

- Which Tree are you?

- The Tree beckons me


Joëlle Sportès
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