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Les arbres méritent que l'on s'intéresse à eux !


Livres d'artistes : univers artistique et poétique sur le thème des arbres.

Le livre d'artiste, quelle que soit sa forme, crée un lien fort entre celui qui l'a imaginé et le « lecteur ». De différentes formes en proposant des images figuratives ou pas, du texte, avoir un sens littéraire ou pas... Il est le résultat de la rencontre entre la pensée originale d'un artiste et son imagination au niveau des formes, de la présentation, des possibilités d'impression ou de reproduction, du papier, des matières...

Salon du Livre 2021.jpg
Livre d'artiste.jpg
Une carte, une oeuvre
Salon du Livre 2021.jpg

The tree beckons me

In Indian ink, the tree quickly takes shape and slowly asserts itself. Touch after touch, the furtive and random brushstrokes reveal the unique, the unexpected, the impressive, much more than a Tree in its simplicity: A tree expression !

l'Arbre me fait signe.jpg

Which Tree are you ?

Today, with global warming, we are becoming aware of the benefits that trees provide us. In the old days. in Celtic culture, trees were protective and represented the forces of nature. Celtic astrology - taught and deciphered by the Druids - is based on 21 signs corresponding to different trees at different times of the year. Immerse yourself in this forest bath to believe a little, a lot, passionately or not at all ... in the unsuspected influences that trees have on our personality.

Quel Arbre êtes-vous ?

So be my Tree

Emotional, sentimental choice, the chosen one will be the one who invites me to dream and to imagine, the one whose twisted branches fall gracefully to mingle with the roots and give life to other trunks. sign, which appeals to me by its elegance, its presence, which encourages me to contemplate it, to scrutinize it in its smallest details to better sketch it, paint it, pastellize it.

Ainsi soit mon Arbre
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